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April 26, 2017


February 17, 2017

Sun Basket cooks up another $15 million for gluten-free and paleo meal kits

Meal kit delivery startups, at this point, are nothing new. They send pre-measured ingredients in an insulated package right to a subscriber's door, and promise to alleviate the inconvenience of grocery trips. One company in this burgeoning channel of food retail, Sun Basket, has just raised $15 million in a Series C round of venture funding to put a health-conscious twist on the meal kit.


Janurary 11, 2017


December 19, 2016


July 26, 2016


May 3, 2016


Origins - Episode 5 - Notation Capital And Joelle Kayden, Accolade Partners

Joelle Kayden, Accolade's founder and Managing Member, discusses her experience in the tech IPO market of the 90's, founding Accolade Partners and closing their first fund 2 weeks before the tech market crash of March 2000, and the evolving venture and and LP landscape.




September 11, 2015


September 10,2015


September 19, 2013